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Business Services

Technology is at the heart of your company’s success, and your facility is no exception. In the past, different companies installed security and audiovisual systems, but in today’s IP-driven environment, a fully integrated system can make your life easier than ever. In this age of smart phone apps and cloud computing, CHOOSE AV and Security can give you better security and control for your facility than ever before. As part of an experienced Internet and network services company, CHOOSE AV and Security provide IP-based products that integrate all your systems into a simple, elegant solution. You’ll have complete control of everything in your facility, from your desktop or anywhere in the world. The more efficiently all your systems work together, the more time you have to concentrate on making money. Whether you need an upgrade or an entirely new system, CHOOSE AV and Security can give you more control.


System Assessment

Security technology has entered a new age, and CHOOSE AV and Security can make recommendations for upgrading a current system or installing a new one to give you all the features you need, now and in the future.


Access Control

With our smart security and access systems employees can swipe a card across a proximity reader to gain access to your facility–and even disarm the security system at the same time, if you choose. You can monitor who comes and goes and restrict access by time of day for specific people. No need to rekey locks, simply deactivate a card for employees who no longer need access.


Video Surveillance

Our HD quality video systems allow you to pan, tilt and zoom as you monitor your facility from anywhere in the world using a computer, tablet or smart phone. You can keep an eye on everything from anywhere, and digital video recorders record all activities, so you never run out of tape.


Structure Wiring

CHOOSE AV and Security can design and install structured wiring to include a cabling system that will support multiple hardware uses and be suitable for today’s needs and those of the future. With a correctly installed system, current and future requirements can be met, and hardware that is added in the future will be supported."



CHOOSE Security offers our business customers a reliable, long-term relationship based on a thorough understanding of your business and its security issues. We specialize in designing, installing, and monitoring security systems for any size business, from a one-door shop to a single office to a corporation with multiple locations. Beyond commercial burglar alarm systems, we offer 360-degree security that includes fire safety, surveillance, and access control systems.



If you’re tired of having to go into the boardroom before a meeting to turn on and adjust the lights, warm up the projector, drop the screen, pull the shades and adjust the thermostat, CHOOSE AV and Security can help. These tasks can be automated and controlled with simple menus on a touchscreen that does everything with a press of a single button. It saves you time and impresses your clients. CHOOSE AV and Security can design a new digital boardroom from scratch or update an existing room. Because CHOOSE AV and Security is part of a full service IT company, the system can mesh seamlessly with all the other systems in your facility.

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