Commercial Solutions

Learn how to make your facility a Smart Facility

Is Your Facility a SMART Facility?

Choose AV & security can make your business more efficient, creating solutions that set it apart, all come together allowing you to put your best foot forward and gain a competitive advantage.

Automation means more efficiency, which means better business

  • Control a wall of TVs or just one with a single remote or tablet.

  • Control music in any audio zone, from anywhere.

  • One button turns off all the lights throughout the facility.

  • Receive e-mail or text alerts based on security-related actions; for example, when a door or cabinet is opened or the security system is triggered. This will reduce loss from theft.

  • Receive e-mail notification of which employee turns off system
  • Presentation set-up and video conferencing, with one touch.

  • Use a single "Good Night" or "Good Morning" button to turn the building off or on, keeping energy bills low. Saving energy and money, automatically.
  • Use touch screens and tablets to control it all, easily.

  • Check on the office from your smart phone or tablet, from anywhere.

Conduct meetings with confidence

  • Select the setup of a room with the touch of a button... conversation, presentation, video conference and more.
  • As soon as the lights dim, the shades go down to create the perfect atmosphere for your presentation.
  • Modify the backlight, elect which PC to display on the projector, bring up the volume to the perfect level

How it all works together

Incorporating just a few products can deliver a dramatic difference for your business.

  • Controllers
    The “brains” of the operation, controllers provide the behind-the-scenes management of all intelligent devices in the room.
  • Thermostats
    Wireless Control4® thermostats make it effortless to control temperature based on business hours or outside climate. No sense powering on the AC without dimming the shades when the sun is bright.
  • Touch Screens
  • Sleek in-wall or portable touch screens make it easy for your employees to control the system.
  • System Remote Controls
  • With an OLED backlit display, the Control4® remote gives employees wireless, walk-around control of every device.
  • 2, 3 or 6-Button Keypads
    Customize control features that offer one-touch convenience: “All Off,” “Lunch,” “Weekend,” or “Meeting Commence.”
  • Dimmers & Switches
    Reduce utility bills, extend bulb life, conserve resources, and provide the convenience of pre-set, one-touch lighting scenes.
  • Motion & Contact Sensors
    Automatically manage energy effectively and efficiently with more accurate occupancy control.